14 Unique Local Valentine’s Date Ideas

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14 Unique Local Valentine’s Date Ideas

Love is in the air! You found that special someone that makes your heart beat double time and palms feel itchy when you look at them. Now the day of love is upon us. For some, the mere thought of Valentine’s Day sends us into a panic. Holy moly, how do we show we love someone more than all the heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears in the world in 24 short designated hours? How do we make it unique from the bajillion other couples celebrating in town? So maybe if your palms weren’t nervously sweating before, they are now. Our bad. Before you hit the panic button thinking about Cupid’s big day, let us take the wheel and steer you in the direction of a perfectly unique Valentine’s Day celebration. Then, pick out a few and make them your own! Remember, no day or date has to be perfect, it just has to be perfectly you.

Here are fourteen of the best unique date ideas to do locally for this Valentine’s Day. Added bonus, all of these are applicable for those celebrating Galentine’s or Brosentine’s Day. So pick a few and share your love with the ‘Burg!


1)Romantic Lodging Packages

Whether you’re coming in from out of town or looking for a home-free getaway, many local hotels and lodges are offering special Valentine’s packages. Jenny Wiley State Resort Park is offering a major romantic package for you love birds. Guests can receive over night lodging, breakfast and dinner for two (with a menu including sirloin, seafood, and chicken), and did we mention the chocolate covered strawberries?!

2) Get Serenaded

Want to receive extra brownie points from your soulmate? Write and perform a song that details your love story. For the majority of us who don’t have the voice of a sweet baby songbird, we’ve got your hookup. Incredible musicians will be performing all across town on the 14th. Even better, many will be playing at our favorite restaurants like The Brickhouse and Lizzie B’s. There’s not much that can top looking in your love’s eyes from across the table while your favorite song is played.

3) Have a Titanic Moment atop the Sugarcamp Mountain Overlook

While it will likely be a little too chilly to take a pontoon boat tour around Dewey Lake, you can still reenact the classic Titanic moment from atop the scenic overlook on the Sugarcamp Mountain Trails. Grab some warm coffee from City Perk on your way up, and use the time during the refreshing hike to reminisce on your favorite memories together and share dreams of many more to come.

4) Private Riverside Picnic

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, we may have to use some quick thinking. Between work, the kids, and the endless to-do list, for many a night out for two is rarer than Rose’s blue diamond. So let’s get creative! Schedule your lunch break together for a low-key and personal picnic at River Park. You can have your choice of a lawn view or covered shelter as you take in the beautiful Levisa Fork River. Bonus, if you forget the basket you packed, Billy Ray’s is right next door!

5) Click, Click, Click, & Post

This is the perfect date for a budget! Grab your phone or a camera and hit the streets to help your other half be the model you’ve always known they could be. Hit your best pose in front of your favorite spots in town. Want to make the day even more unique? Create a challenge list of locations for where you first kissed, your favorite building, and spot that brings out your eyes. At the end of the day, you’ll have shared lots of smile and have the pictures to always remember.

6) Star Gazing at the Science Center

Don’t feel bad if you don’t yet know what you’re going to do for Valentine’s Day. There’s a strong chance that the weather doesn’t know yet either. To avoid a mid-winter disaster, go ahead and plan that star gazing event indoors. A day together at the planetarium is one of the coolest dates you can plan. The East Kentucky Science Center will have their traditional Black Hole exhibit at 2pm before a love-bird laser show at 3:15pm. Want to split some astronaut icecream?

7) Dress Each Other

Strong relationships are built of fun and trust! Put your love to the test by entrusting your significant other to plan your outfit for the evening. Set a budget and time limit. Then hit the Prestonsburg stores to shop for each other. You each have to wear the purchases for the rest of your date night. This takes “That’s my favorite shirt on you” to a whole extra level.

8) Get Hot & Sweaty

We have a feeling this Valentine’s Day is going to be extra steamy. In the weight room, of course. Hit the gym together for a sweet sweat-sesh. Take in a spin, yoga, or zumba class together at Foxy Fitness and Pro-Fitness. Up the ante by making a bet that whoever loses the rep competition has to buy dessert.

9) Volunteer Together

Often the best dates are the ones that show you a glimpse into your partner’s true character. Spend the day without the glitz and glam by volunteering together. Help shower a puppy with love at the Floyd County Animal Shelter, listen to the best love stories at the Senior Citizen Center, or grab a garbage bag and hit the trails for your own private litter clean-up party.  

10) Food Tour

Do a four course tour around Prestonsburg for Valentine’s Day. This is a pricier date option, but is one that is sure to impress. Try out a different restaurant for each course of your meal. Grab a local craft brew from Lizzie B’s to begin, swing into Pig in a Poke for a pretzel appetizer, head on down to Brickhouse for hotbrown and steak entrees, before finishing the night with a delicious slice of pie and coffee from Billy Ray’s. With over 20 restaurants to choose from in Prestonsburg, you can pick and choose from a wide variety of meal stops!  

11) Couples That Laugh Together Last Together

For those that are taking a rain check on February 14th festivities, we still have plenty of fun coming at you through the weekend. Ask someone what they love most about their partner, and many will say how much they laugh together. Well if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Keep the laughter going into Friday night at Dewey’s Bar & Grill Comedy Night. Two hilarious comedians will make laughing inevitable.

12) Play Cupid

Tired of the same ole dinner dates? Now is your chance to take Cupid’s shot. Learn or practice archery at East Kentucky Archery. They will be holding a special 3D target session on February 17th on site. Whether you’re competing or cheering each other on, we can’t help but think this to be one date that can’t be beat.

13) Couples Massage

Does this one even need a hard sale? Hit the reset and refresh button with a couples massage. Many places like Embody Massage and PurLux Spa are offering Valentine’s Day specials. This is the perfect retreat for couples, best friends, or yourself!

14) Recreate Your Favorite Date

Valentine’s Day is not the only day of the year to encompass and showcase love. In fact, we hope it’s shown 365 days a year. However, it is a uniquely welcomed day to reflect on the path that brought you to the person you love. Whether you’ve been on a 20 year or 20 day journey together, you have something special. For some, it’s a chance to create new memories together, full of food, chocolate, music, and pictures. For others, it’s the perfect day to revisit your own perfect day. Retrace the steps to your favorite date, and perhaps steal a few ideas here to make it new. Maybe you’re recreating your first date, first anniversary, or just a random Tuesday evening date that you’ll always remember. Whatever you do, we hope even greater memories are made this time around.



Valentine’s Day is for all to celebrate. New couples, seasoned marriages, best friends, and individuals all have a place to feel loved on February 14th. Whether you’re looking to spice up the classic date night or make a blueprint all your own, we hope you and your partner in crime feel truly special. Share the love today and everyday!