Mountain Biking

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park

Resort Park History & Access Information

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park is named after Virginia "Jenny" Wiley, a pioneer woman who is remembered as a survivor of Indian Captivity. The park lies in a "Moist Appalachian" environment with Dewey Lake as its centerpiece. The entrance to the mountain biking trails is located approximately 4 miles from May Lodge off KY 302 and 1 mile from the campground. There are 3 mountain biking trails of varying difficulty that offer 3 miles of riding pleasure. These bike trails include the Short-Loop (0.8), the Switchback (1.9) and the Beginners Trails (.75). Mountain biking trail regulations and signage are posted at the entrance. In addition, these bike trails also offer excellent hiking opportunities.

Sugarcamp Mountain Trails

Nestled deep within the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the Sugarcamp Mountain Trail system is a multi-use (mountain biking, hiking, & horse) facility created through a joint effort by Jenny Wiley State Resort Park and the city of Prestonsburg. Sugarcamp includes roughly 6 miles of horse-friendly, machine-built trail which provides spectacular views of Dewey Lake and the surrounding area; as well as an additional 12 miles of hand-carved, technical singletrack dedicated to mountain biking & hiking. Trail difficulty varies (and is indicated at all trailheads), but at least an intermediate skillset is required to navigate all trails within the property.